I choreograph performance and community situations.

I am inspired by culturally derived experiences reflecting influences and the ironies of living in a complex consumer society.  Buried under it all is a low hum of humor; bleak, bare and empathetic.

The performance work is sound infused; music used as device (not accompaniment). It is dance inspired performance with stripped-down theatricality. Physical tension, miscommunication and misunderstanding are the primary thematic vehicles for communication. Themes of cultural violence is related through aggressive action, gesture and interaction with a central front-loaded-meaning drench object. 

My creative process has been described as gobbling up everything in its path to replay as elements of the work: image, sound, and music.

Community Situation:
I conceptualize and facilitate art collaborations. These collaborations are projects that are built by the Northeast community, for the Northeast community. Art-making is a valuable and cohesive community event: art-making stimulates confidence in the individual and the group creative process and is a viable modality for creating solutions and addressing potential neighborhood/community action.





Momentum New Dance Works, week 2
by Caroline Palmer
Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 19, 2013



“Striving to Surpass”, 3-Play, Fresh Oysters, Minneapolis, MN, Creator and performer (with Audrey).


“Maxi Fly Foolishness”, 9x22 Dance Lab, Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN. Creator and Performer


Pardon me, do you speak Dog
A Series in 3 parts
Created by Jennifer Arave, Presented by Skewed Visions, Mpls, MN

Dog Minutes
Performers: Audrey, Jennifer Arave

An installation with an American Pit Bull Terrier (Audrey) and her owner (Jennifer) offers the opportunity to get to know the dog's "personality". This is accomplished through observing for an extended time her interaction with the owner and understanding her history via video and surrounding ephemera.

Moon-walking the Dog
Performers: Audrey, Jennifer Arave

Moon-walking the Dog looks at the transference of information, reading language and our need to connect with another; re-utterances until we are heard, understood and understand. Performers Jennifer Arave and Audrey.

Pack Mentality
Performers: Krisitn Van Loon, Jennifer Arave and Audrey

Pack mentality is a work exploring making a group performance centered around a dog and her pack of humans.

“Dances dressed in Foam”, Minneapolis’ City Center, Hennepin Trust, Minneapolis, MN, Dance Performance, co-choreographer and performer with Laurie Van Wieren,

“Hijack at 20: ‘redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye”’ Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, Dance Performance, Performer and choreographic contributor. Created by Hijack.

“HYPE-er”, Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater, SOCO Festival, Dance Performance, Creator, choreographer and Performer.

“Canon”, Southern Theater, Walker Art Center, Momentum: New Dance Works 2013, Commission, Minneapolis, MN, Creator and Choreographer.

“Death Drop Workshop”, 28th and Blaisdell, Outlet Performance Festival, Minneapolis, MN, Performer, Created by Hijack

“In The Crease - remix”, Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater, Minneapolis, MN. Dance Performance, Creator, choreographer and Performer

“Untitled”, Created by Hijack, Wee Cabaret, Form and Content Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. Dance performance, Performer and choreographic contributor

“In The Crease”, Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater, Minneapolis, MN. Dance Performance, Creator, choreographer and Performer

“HERO”, Artery, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN Dance Performance, Creator, choreographer and Performer

“Expect the Unexpected”, Autotelic, Colonial Building, Minneapolis, MN, Dance Performance Installation, Creator and Performer

“1/2 Life”, PS 122, Created by BodyCartography, New York, NY, Dance, Performer

“1/2 Life”, Created by BodyCartography, Southern Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, Dance, Performer

 Dan Graham: Beyond with the BodyCartography Project, “Performer/

"Audience/Mirror”, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, Re-Performance, Performer

Choreographed Community Situations

Director and Founder of ArtShare: creating community, identity-based, collaborative art experiences in Northeast Minneapolis, MN.  

January: “Northeast Life Size Book Project”, ArtShare, Northeast, Minneapolis, MN

2009. 2010, & 2011
July: “Parade Project”, The Northeast Parade, ArtShare, Northeast, Minneapolis, MN

“Audio-Guided Walking Tours”, ArtShare, Northeast, Minneapolis, Mn
“The Rivalry Project”, Mercy Seat, ArtShare, Northeast, Minneapolis, MN.

“The Giving Project”, Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN, Collaborative Action with artist with disabilities

Honors and grants

Sage Nomination for Outstanding Performance,  Minneapolis, MN

Walker Art Center Momentum: New Works, commission,  Minneapolis, MN

ArtShare--Hennepin County Legacy Funds for “Northeast Life Size Book Project”,  Minneapolis, MN

Artery, Soap Factory,  Minneapolis, MN, Selected Artist

ArtShare,--Community Spirit Award, Northeast Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis, MN

ArtShare--The Neighborhood Partnership Initiative (CURA) for “Audio-Guided Walking Tours”

ArtShare--Contribution from Northeast Community Lutheran Church for “Audio Guided-Walking Tour”


Kulture Klub Collaborative,  - Collaborative sound installation using sound space as a place for shared community with homeless youth for KKC’s thirteenth anniversary celebration, Minneapolis, MN

Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson Figure/Space Residency, Earth Dance, Plainfield, MA


Participant in Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography with Hijack, Tallahassee, FLA

Boards, Panels and Commissions


Metropolitan Regional Arts Counsel (MRAC) grant review panel, Minneapolis, MN

2012 - 2016
Minneapolis Arts Commission, Minneapolis, MN

2011 - present
Public Arts Advisory Panel, City of Minneapolis,  Minneapolis, MN

VSA Grant Panel

Holland Neighborhood Board of Directors

Teaching and Mentoring


Co-Founder of Water Bar and Public Studio

Movement Teacher at Water Bar and Public Studio

  • Lisa Nelson Tuning improvisational Scores

  • Open Source Forms/Skinner Technique

2010 and 2011

Final Cut Pro, Bethel Collage, Guest Teacher, Arden Hills, MN


Families Opening Doors/Northside Arts Collective, Minneapolis, MN, working with social service teams and families


Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Minneapolis, MN, Arts Instructor


MFA Interdisciplinary Arts, Performance Theory, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT 

BFA Theater Directing, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, Cum Laude

Additional Training: Classes and Workshops


Open Source Forms Certification

Stephanie Skura, Open Source Forms Teacher Certification Training, Seattle, WA

Figure Space Workshop, Paxton/Nelson, EarthDance, Plainfield, Mass. 

Ishmael Houston Jones, Dance Workshop, Minneapolis, MN

Keith Hennessy, Dance workshop, Minneapolis, MN

Contact Improvisation, Zenon School of Dance, Minneapolis, MN

Mahler-Klein Technique, Zenon School of Dance, Minneapolis, MN

Pat Graney, Keeping the Faith, Shakopee Women’s Prison, Shakopee, MN

Dana Reitz 2008: Lighting and Dance workshop, Minneapolis, MN

David Gorden, Dance Performance workshop, Minneapolis, MN

Anne Carlson, Performance workshop,  Minneapolis, MN

Modern Dance, Zenon School of Dance, Minneapolis, MN

Improbable Theater, Animo- Puppetry workshop, Minneapolis, MN